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Big Mouth Big Money

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“Revealed: Dan Kennedy’s Personal Blueprint For Landing High-Paying Speaking Gigs That’ll Allow You To Double, Even TRIPLE Your Current Speaking Fees.”

Make a six or seven-figure income speaking. Dan Kennedy candidly lays out everything he’s learned from his 40+ years of speaking engagements along with his much sought-after advice for creating a predictable income and a steady stream of speaking gigs flowing directly to you. Filled with practical strategies, answers to the most common questions he’s asked, tips and techniques, you’ll discover the better, faster path to turn “speaking” into “wealth” without running yourself ragged.

Work less and earn more by learning Dan’s secrets to putting together a super saleable product, how to triple your current fee, and how to get more than one paycheck from every event.

Make the most money possible and avoid common money-killing mistakes using Dan’s comprehensive advice. Expand your speaking business to take advantage of multiple streams of income through authorship, published books, paid newsletter subscriptions, and distributing products during your speaking engagements.

Transform your audience into customers who repeatedly buy using speaking topics that make money, persuasive speaking tools, and knowledge of what type of audiences to speak to and which to avoid.

Develop eager clients calling to book you with tips on how to make yourself instantly famous, get booked at big events, rallies and popular seminars, and acquire speaking engagements in “zero competition zones.”


  • Increase Your Speaking Income 300%-1000%
  • Help You Grow Instantly Famous For Free
  • Get YOU Booked at “Big Events”