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Advanced Business Development - Secrets Academy

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“Crack The Cash-Code-Flow For A Better, Stronger, More Sophisticated Business That’ll Boost Your Profits While Doubling Your Time Off”

Chances are, you learned how to market from copying your colleagues or listening to them lecture you on “how things are done around here” when it comes to you getting business in your industry.

The problem is that it’s the “blind leading the blind” out there — with everybody and their dog using the same ineffective marketing strategies. This is leaving you constantly spinning your wheels in your business.

Advanced Business Development will arm you with Dan Kennedy’s best strategies he’s gathered after 42+ years of intimate work with companies in 138 different industries. You’ll discover “off mainstream” strategies in direct marketing, how to expand your business, diversification, developing synergies, business maturity, maximizing profits now, and building maximum equity. All of this will help you grow your business, put more money in your pocket, double your free time, and rescue you from any slump you’re going through in your business right now.

Maybe you’ve resigned to the fact that “this is as good as it gets” in your small business. Perhaps you’ve “mentally thrown in the towel” and questioned your future, feeling your status slipping, and wondering if you’ll ever recover. Or maybe you’ve been shaken up by the economy, downward price pressure, and changing buying habits and preferences—and customers, clients, and patients don’t come to your storefront, practice, or website like they used to.

Advanced Business Academy is the unfair advantage you need that’ll help you escape “roller coaster” income— which is the norm for businesses these days. Just implementing 1% of this course could save you a lot of time and money and help you leapfrog your business a lot better than trying to “figure it out” yourself.

So stop using those wasteful “brand” and image advertising techniques your local ad agency wants you to use—which is akin to flushing money down the toilet. Just discover what Magnetic Marketing founder Dan Kennedy has already learned and implemented for his private clients who pay him $19,000 for a consulting day, and up to $2 million for an advertising campaign. He has already done all the “hard work” for you, so invest in Advanced Business Development today!


  • Give You An “Unfair Advantage” In Your Industry
  • Rescue you from “roller coaster” income and any slump you’re going through right now
  • Help you grow your business while gaining more autonomy in your life.