Big Time Event Strategies

Big Time Event Strategies

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“How Anyone Planning Or Offering Events Can Easily Attract, Retain, And Ascend Customers To Bigger, High-Ticket Packages…And Make More Money In A Single Weekend Than Most People Do In A Single Year.”

Listen, it’s hard to attract top-quality customers these days. Some of them are motivated by getting results and will invest a lot of money with you through your high-ticket packages, but most of them aren’t serious, are price-resistant and will eventually leave you—perhaps to go to a competitor.

But, what if you possessed a time-tested and proven “secret strategy” that automatically attracts the “top 1%” of customers who are motivated to get results, forms a “virtual fence” around them so that they’ll never leave you, and easily moves them to your high-ticket packages without any buying resistance?

It’s all about putting on LIVE events—the secret “X-Factor” that we’ve been using for years to influence, impact and retain customers.

This is the most powerful marketing strategy you could possibly have in your arsenal to get noticed, create better customers, quickly ascend customers into high-ticket packages, and separate yourself from your competition.

Big Time Event Strategies contains the official playbook we use every 2-3 months to fill our SuperConference, Info-SUMMIT, and quarterly Fast Implementation Bootcamps that you can model for your own events.

You’ll also get Core Training from No B.S. Inner Circle founder Dan Kennedy—which will come to you on 8 audio CDs and 8 DVDs along with tools, templates and action guides. Enhanced Transcripts of each training so that you can make notes, highlight places you can refer to again, and serve as a “quick review” when you need a refresher on these core concepts. In addition, you will receive Five (5) Booster Trainings From our proven team and Go-To Experts that cover the “nuts and bolts” of how to market events—including today’s emerging and breakthrough technologies thanks to the advent of social media. You’ll get each training digitally, with downloadable transcripts along with tools.

Just imagine it. You’re in front of a group of people excited to hear from you. Your audience flew from all over the country…or took off work to drive across town to see you. They are hanging on your every word, and you can practically envision them getting ready to waive their wallets at you—ready to invest in your high-ticket program.

You also rest easy knowing that you have a proven way to summon a surge of cash into your bank account—one that you can “rinse and repeat” anytime you want. That’s practically guaranteed income for you—something you can easily use to spend more time with friends, family and live life on your own terms.

So invest in Big Time Event Strategies right now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

And get ready to put on lucrative events that expand your influence and clout among your prospects and customers.

You’ll get action plans, budget worksheets, marketing strategies, and monetization strategies it would otherwise take you years to create and “figure out” on your own.


  • Help You Create Better Customers And Quickly Ascend Customers Into High-Ticket Packages
  • Prevent You From Making Expensive And Time-Consuming Mistakes When Planning An Event
  • Help You Retain Customers So That They Won't Leave You For A Competitor