Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

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“Available At Long Last: Dan Kennedy’s Confidential Blueprint To Leveraging Your Talents And Skills As A Highly Paid Consultant And Coach…And Unlock The Potential To Make $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year (Or Even More) With So Little ‘Work’…”

If you’re already in consulting, we’re going to show you how to make your business better, how to give yourself a FAT pay raise—and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the economy or your industry. And if you’re new to consulting, then we’re going to save you a TON of trial and error and get you to the big money fast.

Even if you’re not a consultant, but are involved in “consultative selling” (a doctor, advisor, etc.) we can show you how to easily obtain clients and get more influence over them.

Oh, and there’s also the coaching business. There are people who are making amazing incomes in many fields in many industries, and we’ll show you how to jump on the bandwagon today.

Also, if you’re currently “giving it away for free” as added value and you’d like to get paid for a change, and then we can help you do that.

Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp is taken straight from Dan Kennedy’s “Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp Seminar” where attendees paid $3,995 to attend. You’ll get everything from that Bootcamp—including the audios and transcripts the attendees were able to take home, including:

  • Marketing document samples you can easily modify to market your own consulting and coaching business so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Pricing strategies so you're not paid peanuts for your consulting and coaching services — and are paid what you're worth.
  • Takeaway selling strategies that’ll urge your prospects and “looky-loos” to buy now and shorten your sales cycle.
  • Examples of contracts and agreements so you’re covered and don’t make any mistakes that could cost you time and money.
  • Consulting and coaching "hot buttons" so you can make sure you enter the right appeals in your market for your consulting and coaching services. (Hint: not all clients hire consultants just for their knowledge!)
  • Mistakes not to make while marketing your consulting and coaching services. Failure to do so will result in getting paid the "usual" rate for your consulting and coaching services — if you get any clients at all.

No college or “accreditation program” gives you the soup-to-nuts blueprint for becoming a highly paid consultant or coach that uses Magnetic Marketing-style marketing. So invest in Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp and start experiencing massive income leaps your peers will envy.


  • Help You Avoid the “Billable Hours” Trap and Command Outrageous Fees Instead
  • Have Consulting and Coaching Clients Come to You—Vs. Chasing Them
  • Help You Augment Your Existing Income or Launch a Brand New Coaching Business