Craftsmanship Of One-to-Many Selling

Craftsmanship Of One-to-Many Selling

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“Announcing A ‘One-Time-Only’ Training With Dan Kennedy As He Reveals The ‘Golden Keys To The Vault’ He’s Included In Every One Of His Million Dollar Speeches.”

There’s a “secret code” to smartly crafted scripts that most marketers will never know. These are tested and proven principles you can easily “move” into your existing scripts…or, if you’re a one-to-many selling newbie, can avoid years of trial and error trying to “wing it” yourself.

It’s a script Dan Kennedy has been using for the past 40+ years crafting group selling presentations, speeches, infomercials, etc. for a veritable “Who’s Who” of clients:

  • Million-dollar per year speakers
  • Numerous celebrities such as the late Joan Rivers
  • Infomercial companies like Guthy-Renker
  • Franchisor and coaches’ Discovery Days

You name it, he’s done it. You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody with as many successes with every single one of these One-To-Many Selling methods as Dan has. And when you take action today, you’ll get a hold of the only time he consolidated all this experience into a systematic explanation of everything he knows to do to rake in as many sales as possible in any one-to-many selling situation.

“Craftsmanship Of One-To-Many Selling” will allow you to leverage your time and efforts if you’re currently doing one-on-one selling. There’s nothing like getting people in a room, on a webinar or teleseminar, and closing as many sales as possible—results that would take you months to duplicate if you were to “start from scratch” with no blueprint or plan.

You’ll discover Dan Kennedy’s secrets of and strategies for craftsmanship for stage presentations, teleseminars, webinars, TV infomercials, Audio CDs, and DVDs so you can avoid years of trial and error trying to “figure it out” yourself.

When you take action and add “Craftsmanship Of One-To-Many Selling” to your marketing arsenal, you’re literally getting the golden keys to the vault because you’re going to possess the blueprint of every single one of Dan’s million-dollar speeches.

You’ll walk into any one-to-many selling situation and have the confidence of a bullfighter with mustard on his sword—knowing you’re going to “kill it” when you get on stage or that webinar or teleseminar.

You’ll also understand every single element of a one-to-many selling situation you can easily “cut and paste” over and over again in your business. Including how to open a presentation. Psychology. Structure. And how to close.

So if you want to discover the “secret keys” to crafting high-converting one-to-many sales presentations that have brought in over $1 billion dollars for Dan’s private clients, then invest in Craftsmanship Of One-To-Many Selling today.


  • Give You an “Unfair Advantage” Whether You’re Giving a Presentation to 12 Prospects in a Conference Room to 1,200 From an Event Stage or Webinar
  • Give You more Security Knowing You can Extract Money from any Online or Offline Crowd
  • Secure Customers Through Affiliates, Joint-Venture Partners, or Speaking at Other People’s Events