Dan Kennedy's "Lifetime of Work" Archives, Volume 2

Dan Kennedy's "Lifetime of Work" Archives, Volume 2

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“Hot Off The Presses: Dan Kennedy’s “Lifetime Of Work’ Volume 2 – 1,152 More Pages Of Promotions, Notes, And Samples You Can “Swipe And Deploy” To Destroy Any And All Competitors To Your Business”

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone trying to write compelling copy or create an effective direct response campaign is “what do I do now?” when faced with the dreaded “blank page.”

The stereotypical result involves a frustrated writer pounding out a few words on the keyboard, looking at the results, and then throwing hands up in frustration.

That’s NOT how the best and brightest minds in marketing work. Their SECRET weapon enables them to banish the fear of the empty page forever – by having an extensive swipe file of proven ads, letters, brochures, speeches, and more to draw ideas, inspiration, and lessons from.

Typically, amassing a swipe file with depth, breadth, and quality requires years. But now you can fast-track your way to direct response excellence.

Magnetic Marketing Founder Dan Kennedy has once again has performed a deep, deep, deeeeep excavation of literal rooms of files, notes, samples, photos, artifacts and more to create Volume II of his “Lifetime Of Work” Archives Collection. You’ll get 1,152 more pages of promotions, content, articles, newsletters, photos, personal items, and correspondence that span his 40+ year career.

Just some of the gems you’ll discover in Volume II include:

  • The most celebrated sales letter ever – a sales piece so powerful that it was literally treated by direct marketing industry professionals as an educational manifesto every copywriter needs to examine, understand, and leverage.
  • The very first issue of the No B.S. Marketing Letter - the cornerstone for decades of No B.S. growth and success.
  • Issue #1 of Renegade Millionaire Magazine – launching a transformational wealth movement that now extends around the globe.
  • The original “Former Iowa Prison Guard” ad that ran in Forbes, transforming an average local business into a national powerhouse.
  • One of the best lift notes ever - an incredible example of “challenge-to-manhood” copy ruthlessly effective in driving response.

You’ll also get the “Chinese Menu” Copywriting Acceleration Tool – a deluxe binder full of over 250 headlines, fill-in-the-blank templates, 50+ opening paragraphs, and other samples you can plug in to get a good start on an ad or a sales letter.

THIS is the massive swipe file collection every serious student of direct response MUST have in their library. It’s an idea generator and toolkit all in one that will put more money in your pocket as you continue on your wealth-building journey.