Influential Communication And Writing Workshop

Influential Communication And Writing Workshop

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“Discover Dan Kennedy And Magnetic Marketing's ‘Secret Recipe’ To Communicating With Your Target Market So You Can Move Your Readers From Ordinary ‘Interest’ To FASCINATION…And ATTRACT Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients.”

We’re going to show you how you can physiologically and emotionally bond and connect with your prospective customers, clients, or patients so they’ll effortlessly trust you, and keep buying from you.

Now, this isn’t to be confused with just “copy” and basic selling techniques. This isn’t just about writing fancy headlines, call-to actions, and killer closes.

There is another, distinctly different and more fascinating kind of writing that can be more valuable to you - with its own psychology, strategies, and tactics.

It’s called Influential Writing. And it’s a set of skills that’ll allow you to:

  • Put your ideas across with the written word so your customers, clients, or patients will be magically sucked into your world, and instantly trust you.
  • Open someone’s mind to new ideas so you can make them believe what they want…and need…to believe before they do business with you.
  • Create the highest level of rapport, trust, and relationship that’ll allow you to sell more products, get more clients, and attain more patients.
  • Establish unquestioned authority so you’re positioned as the “go-to” person in your marketplace. This will set you apart from the competition so you can make more money in less time.
  • Sustain an audience’s interest in you on a continuing basis so you can build a herd of qualified customers, clients, patients, and prospects that will buy from you again and again (the true path toward unparalleled sustainability and CERTAINTY in your business).
  • Make yourself a more powerful, even heroic figure in a prospect’s eyes so they see you as a trusted “guru” they’ll respect and trust.
  • Get into “deeper meanings” with people. This is the key to attracting more people into your world so they’ll follow…and buy…from you for life!

Influential Communication And Writing Workshop will give you all of these skills and is only for entrepreneurs who are serious about fascination and intrigue – even obsessed with communication, persuasion, and influence. You’ll get a unique in-depth examination of the “why and how” – supported with formulas, lists, and examples you can use to “swipe and deploy” into your business.

So if you’ve already mastered basic copywriting skills and want to take your writing abilities to another level, then invest in Influential Communication And Writing Workshop today.


  • Allow You to Earn a Top Income
  • Help You Create a Sustainable Advantage in your Marketplace
  • Give You the Power to Become a Leader in your Field