Make Them Buy Now!

Make Them Buy Now!

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“Amazing But True - You Can ‘Ethically Steal’ The EXACT Sorceries, Formulas, And Systems Used By Dan Kennedy To Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now.”

Most marketers and copywriters make the tragic mistake of assuming they have to inject “power words” and hypnotic commands into their copy to make their prospects buy. The truth is this: great copy uses little-known psychological triggers to lather up the prospect and get them to desire your product or service so they have no choice to buy.

Of course, in no way are we manipulating your prospect or doing anything that’s “shady” or unethical. If you have a product or service that either solves a prospect’s problem or fulfills a desire, we believe it’s your moral duty to get your solution out to as many people as possible.

So if you’re struggling differentiating yourself from your competitors, or your sales have been limp or lifeless in the water, chances are, your sales message is too generic and they don’t move people to buy from you.

Make Them Buy Now is a comprehensive program that can transform your business by giving you the secret keys for getting more of your customers, clients, patients, and prospects to buy more of your products or services and buy them now.

Here are the 3 Moneymaking components of Make Them Buy Now!:

  • Moneymaking Component #1: Make Them Buy Now: SORCERY – The 7 Mind- Control Triggers You Can Pull At Any Time To Make Money At Will. You’re going to discover 7 triggers that, once fired off, allow you to take control of your prospect’s mind. You’ll learn the power behind them and how to apply them for astonishing results.

  • Moneymaking Component #2: Make Them Buy Now: SECRETS – A Master Class With John Carlton And Dan Kennedy On How To Create Irresistible Messages For Any Business. Dan Kennedy goes over, in detail, the 15 elements that appear in ALL great marketing, regardless of whether it is used online or offline. And John Carlton teaches an advanced class on creating marketing messages that sell, including how to create a masterful USP that resonates with your target market.

  • Moneymaking Component #3: Make Them Buy Now: THE SYSTEM – The System Toolkit gives you paint-by-numbers copywriting formulas for both online and offline marketing materials, headline swipe files, opening paragraph swipe files, fill-in-the-blank bullet points, sub-head swipe files, guarantee swipe files, segue swipe files, P.S. swipe files…and more.

So you can settle for the results you’re currently getting in your business or you can open Pandora’s Box regarding what’s possible if you’re able to increase 1x, 5x, even 10x the number of people who say “Yes” to you.

Invest in Make Them Buy Now today. Perhaps just one or two “tweaks” to your current sales presentation could summon an avalanche of sales you otherwise would have missed if you passed this opportunity up.


  • Resolve Most of the Worries and Strife in Your Business by Closing More Sales
  • Give You More Certainty, Stability, and Predictability in Your Business
  • Make You More Confident in Any Selling Situation—Either via Print or In Person