Sales Mastery Unleashed

Sales Mastery Unleashed

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“For The First Time EVER, Dan Kennedy Reveals A Powerful And Profitable System For Closing More One-On-One Sales And Making More Money Without Spending Another DIME On Marketing.”

Your days of using “brute force” selling tactics are over. We want to share the sales tactics that separate the top 10% of income earners in ANY field from the bottom 90% of entrepreneurs.

One of these secrets is the “Three Tipping Points”…where your potential customer, client, and patient are immediately moved to trust you and accept your advice and recommendations at the drop of a hat.

And another one is a single, incredibly, irrationally powerful “status-lift” you can use to instantly “be taller” in your market—more important, more trustworthy, more expert, and more influential in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have a full gamut of customers, clients, and patients who see you as an expert and will listen to you with respect and reverence, and who automatically accept your recommendations and treatment plans with little or no objections.

That’s the magic of the “secret code” of selling—strategies that allow you to attract and close your ideal customers without the “hard work” of prospecting—versus having to use “brute force” tactics of selling that involves tough closing techniques.

It’s all about engineering the natural and automatic sale. And the best part is it’s not rocket science. You just have to know the exact steps you have to take to make this happen for you.

Sales Mastery Unleashed reveals the blunt, unvarnished truth about what it takes to render all competition and possible comparisons impotent and irrelevant—and take “choice” out of the selling equation altogether.

Instead of trying to “figure out” how to implement these strategies in your business, all you have to do is move them into your existing business and start seeing results—including:

  • How to sell at substantially, even SHOCKINGLY higher prices than competitors...yet immunizing your customers against sticker shock. This is a powerful strategy for price presentation that prepares the client to accept a price he would likely find outrageous without this "warm-up."
  • The 2 fastest paths to getting the other person to immediately confide in you and TRUST you. The more you immediately earn rapport, the closer you’ll have a sale.
  • The easiest way to get in the mind of your target prospect. Nope, there’s nothing manipulative or “shady” about this. It’s good detective work so you can discover ways to sell them effortlessly.

So if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to improve their closing percentages and are looking for a more sophisticated way to sell that doesn’t involve playing a “numbers game” then invest in Sales Mastery Unleashed today.


  • Arm You with Foolproof Buying Signals You must Look Out for When Closing a Prospect
  • Escape the Commoditization Trap and Make Your Selling Unique—and not Subject to Price Comparison
  • Give You Keys to “Ethical Manipulation” to Boost Sales