The No B.S. Information Empire Game Plan

The No B.S. Information Empire Game Plan

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“Finally – Hold In Your Hands The Very Same Master Blueprints Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle Uses To Dominate Their Industry… Giving You The Keys To Building Your List, Creating Products Your Customers Will Crave, And Earning Residual Income Through Your Own Continuity Program…Even If You’re Just Getting Started.”

We’re going to give you a sneak peek at what Magnetic Marketing does behind the scenes to rake in multiple 7-figures on a yearly basis. This is true “insider” stuff because we’ve perfected this model after many years of trial, error, and testing. It’s going to save you a lot of time, money, and headaches trying to get it right yourself.

The No B.S. Information Empire Game Plan will reveal what we are doing right now to build a customer list of 200,000 prospects, 40,000 buyers, and run continuity membership programs in the 7-figures. You’ll get tools, templates, and systems we use every day to create products, maintain multiple 6-7-figure continuity programs, and run high-profit events so you effortlessly model our success, including:

  • Our Proprietary Product Creation Checklist you can use to run through and make sure your product has everything it needs to resonate with your market and become a big hit.
  • The Entire Script Of One Of Our Lucrative Livecasts including the actual 4-hour show, the video sales letter, and the toolkit we offered for one of our biggest launches: Magnetic Email Marketing.
  • The Grab-N-Go Money Making Machine we use to capture leads and ascend them into buyers ASAP without fuss or muss. You’ll get the emails, landing pages, upsells…everything.
  • The Accidental Member Generator – this is what we use to funnel prospects into our continuity programs so they can keep giving us money, again and again, every single month.
  • A Reactivation Campaign we use to resurrect old buyers that are 3-4 years old and get them to start buying from us again. You can easily use this to wake up “dead” customers and get your investment back in this package with this campaign alone.
  • Campaigns We Used To Market Our Events so you can see how we do it and implement it for your own events without expensive trial and error. (It’s easy to botch this up if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Just the continuity systems alone that you’ll discover can be easily implemented into your own business so you can start getting residual income each and every month—thus relieving you of pressure trying to make “one-off” sales all the time.

And the product creation and selling systems you’re going to discover will reveal to you how you can get more money out of the customer you already have. That’s right, you’ll be able to take this model and create more products for your customers to buy—something you are probably not doing right now.

There are TONS of dormant opportunities you probably haven’t tapped into because you’re probably “killing it” with one aspect of your business, but are leaving out potential moneymakers that are hidden right under your nose. So invest in the No B.S. Model today.


  • Allow You to Shortcut Years of Trial and Error by Just Copying our systems
  • Give You Focus and Direction in Your Business so You Can Sleep Better at Night
  • Create a Stream of Residual Income in Your Business Thanks to our Proven Continuity/Membership Models