Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies

Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies

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“How To Land Sales With No Resistance, Avoid Prospecting, Raise Your Prices And NEVER Compete For Business Again… Discover Advanced Strategies That Takes The “Hard Work” Out Of Selling And Allows You To Close Sales With Clockwork Efficiency.”

The problem with too many businesses and entrepreneurs is that they are great at marketing but NOT at closing the sale. No matter how great your product or service, if you can’t “seal the deal” no one benefits – neither your customer and definitely not YOU.

Stale old sales templates and “rules” just don’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need cutting edge strategies that have both stood the test of time and are PROVEN effective in any market.

As one of the highest-paid and most-in-demand sales consultants on the planet, Dan’s reputation is based on results. Period. And inside Sales & Persuasion Strategies Ultra- Advanced Bundle, Dan steps forward to reveal advanced sales and persuasion strategies “battle-tested” and used by his clients for more than 40 years.

From price strategies to the only three tipping points to how to be instantly more trustworthy and more influential and more, Dan lays down his best personal strategies complete with examples, stories, and parables guaranteed to deliver better results in every selling situation you encounter with your clients, customers, and patients. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • How to ensure your customers do business with you on your terms, as you prefer without resistance or complaint.
  • A super simple way to change the selling environment so you can remove your prospects’ fears before you even start the sales process.
  • Keys to making the buying decision a foregone conclusion with tactics like the “Pavlovian Power Play” and Customer/Client/Patient Training.
  • The secret to selling at shockingly higher prices than competitors while immunizing your customers/ clients/patients against “sticker shock.”
  • Discover the opportunity that sales pros and business owners are already multiplying their income overnight in this trends-driven market segment that requires different selling approaches.
  • How to eliminate the “false moves” you unintentionally are making that destroy all the work you put into your marketing campaign by implementing Dan’s well-designed and choreographed process that results in a much higher closing ratio.

This is NOT a bunch of rehashed tactics and closing techniques. Instead, Dan takes a much broader approach and gives you the “missing link” to generating more cash from your existing business.

Finally, you can rely on the very same powerful strategies Dan has used and provided to his top paying clients for more than 40+ years which have not only multiplied their incomes but beneficially altered their experience of selling. Get ready to gain an unfair advantage over your competition when you dump old-fashioned sales techniques and trade them in for Dan’s approach that gives you a sales system so exceptional that it’ll produce solid results.

With the Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies, at last, you can dramatically increase your sales and maximize the return on your marketing dollars.


  • Develop a Well-Oiled Sales Process Guaranteed to Close More Sales Than Ever
  • Maximize Marketing ROI
  • Eliminate the “Reasons Why” People Don’t Buy